What Famous Architect Would You Want To Meet? asked folks that question, and surprise,surprise, Frank Lloyd Wright got more votes than anyone else.  I supposehe'd be on my list also (along with Gaudi, Mies and Louis Sullivan), but I'dalso want to know more about some of the architects who brought us Dallas landmarks, Nicholas Clayton (Cathedral). Lang & Witchell (Booker T. Washington HighSchool, the original Hilton and the Sear warehouse among others).  And residential designers of yesteryear likeAnton Korn.  And of course George Dahl,mastermind of Fair Park.  Here’s Styleture’s fulllist.  Who’s on yours?

While you ponder that, take a gander at’s list of architecturalfailures.  Interestingly enough,Wright makes this list also…with one of his most iconic works.

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