Thursday News Roundup

Thursday News Roundup

Yesterday, our hands were full with one exhibition comingdown, one going up (student work in The Art of Architecture…come check it out.)and the many scholarship applications coming through our doors at the lastmoment.  So we didn’t have time for ourregular Wednesday news roundup.  Butthere’s plenty to talk about…even a day later. The Pritzker Prize—architecture’s biggie—was presented Sunday to Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, partnersin the Tokyofirm SANAA.

Here’s The New York Times story.

ChristopherHawthorne at the Los Angeles Timesframes hisstory with recognition that, for once, the Pritzker jury has recognized awoman as well as the collaboration between two architects. 

Blair Kamin tookthe opportunity to repost his2006 review of SANAA’s Glass Pavilion of the Toledo Museum of Art.

And, last, butnot least, here’sArchNewsNow’s take.

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