September 23, 2390

Wednesday News Roundup

We've travelled the Web high and low to bring you today's mish-mash of architecture news.  Including the national coverage of Robert A.M. Stern's designs for the Bush Institute at SMU, the international take on Zaha Hadid's new Rome museum and a look back at the Bauhaus and how it's still such an influential force on design.

Let's start locally with Robert A.M. Stern's hot-off-the-drawing-board plans for the Bush Institute at SMU.  This morning, we posted David Dillon's review on our Facebook page.  (Become a fan!) Since then, Christopher Hawthorne of The Los Angeles Times and Blair Kanin of the Chicago Tribune have chimed in.

Meanwhile, across the big pond, Zaha Hadid's new museum of contemporary art is getting its kudos.  The New York Times, the Times Online, and The Guardian have chimed in with their opinions.

And, in a look back, New York magazine and Time (check out the great educational video too) both have discussions of the Bauhaus and why it's still so relevant today.  Why all the fuss?  Well, the Bauhaus was founded 90 years ago and the Museum of Modern Art has a retrospective up now through January 2010.  (Along with an exhibition on Tim Burton?!?) 

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