Wednesday News Roundup: Green, Green and More Green

Wednesday News Roundup: Green, Green and More Green

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and we’re all wearing green toavoid the pinches.  (Even Bank of America Tower is in the spirit!)  So, let’s go green with our Wednesday NewsRound-up as well.  First up, a house madefrom garbage and recycled materials.  Next,a conversation on how we know whether or not the green products we pay arereally green.  And finally a radical ideaon reducing Her Majesty’s carbon footprint.

There’s a great house just outside of Eureka Springs made oflocal rock, collected fossils and other detritus called Quigley’s Castle. Thislive-in work-of-art takes things to an even more beautiful level.  From the cow bone address numbers to a “carpeting”of t-shirts in one room, this home is a stunner in more way than one.   

Some of us here at the Center were talking the other dayabout whether or not we could trust that the recyclables we so carefully sorthere and at home actually made it to the point that they were actuallyrecycled.  Or are we just foolingourselves? Well, The Dirt takes onthe even more complicated question of whether or not the building products webuy are actually green in thispiece. Toxicity?  Distance travelled?Sounds as complicated as a trip to the produce section at the grocery store.  

Lastly, anitem from The Guardian likely tothrow Queen Elizabeth’s crown akimbo.  A London design and engineering firm has proposed (tongue-in-cheek,preservationists hope) razing Buckingham Palace and replacing itwith something a bit greener.  Hmmm….

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