Wednesday News Round Up: The Thinking Cap Edition

Wednesday News Round Up: The Thinking Cap Edition

For today’s news feature, we thought we’d give you a tourthrough architectural history.  We’ve gotan exhibition on Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.  A tribute to the lasting effect of Gropiusand Mies.  And even a defense ofBrutalism.  Put on your thinking we go.

New York’sMorgan Library has an exhibition on Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) up and running. TheNew York Times has a reviewof how Palladio’s adaptation of Roman forms for the homes of the ruling class influencedgenerations’ worth of public and governmental architecture.  (Which reminds us of ournext film screening on May 12.  We’llwatch and discuss The Architecture ofDoom, and interesting look at the Nazi obsession with Classical forms.)

Skipping ahead a few centuries, here’sa gorgeous (and informative) slide show reminding us why so many peoplesare still transfixed by the Bauhaus. And to emphasize the point, here’s an interviewwith the Chicagoarchitect who recently restored the “revolutionary” Lake Shore Drive apartments designed byMies van der Rohe.

And, finally, a look at Brutalism.  The heavy concrete architecture of severaldecades ago has been criticized vociferously, most recently with a discussionof the much-maligned Boston City Hall.  Architectmagazine offers adefense of Brutalism…and even coins a new term for this particular style.

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