Wednesday News Round-Up: The Local Edition

Wednesday News Round-Up: The Local Edition

We didn’t have to look far from home to find this week’shump-day news stories.  A flatteringreview, and update on a big church project, a peek at a North Carolina projectwith hints of things to come here, and a tip of the hat to our friends to thewest.

“Dallas contains, surprisingly, almostastonishingly in fact, one of the finest concentrations of modern architecturein the world.” Not bad, huh?  Well, The Financial Times has even more to sayabout our fair city here.

First BaptistDallas has raised a record-setting $115 million to complete transform itsdowntown campus.  Hereare more details and renderings (The Beck Group is designing.) from The DallasBusiness Journal.

The new buildingfor the North Carolina Museum of Art might not seem to have much localinterest, but it does when you know the architect.  Thomas Phifer designed the building and The Architect’s Newspaper says it is “amanifesto for movement between nature and architecture” in its review. Sowhat’s the local angle?  Phifer is designingportions of “The Park” over WoodallRodgers.

And, turning ourattentions to Fort Worth,here’s agood news/bad news item.  LawrenceHalprin’s Heritage Park Plazahas been added to the National Register of Historic Places.  That’s the good news.  Bad news? It’s also been added to the list of Texas’ Most Endangered Historic Places.

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