Wednesday News Round-Up: The Follow-Up Edition

Our Internet favorites list is filling up, so time to share a few with you.  Today's newsy bits are follow-ups to items we've posted before.

We told you about the National Building Museum’s interestingexhibition on the parking garage.  TheMuseum of the City of New York picks up thethread and has its own exhibition on city’srole in the history of the automobile and the car’s role in shaping the New York landscape.  Cars,Culture, and the City looks at the ways New York helped build themystique of the automobile—from architect-designed showrooms along Broadway tothe pavilions built at World’s Fairs.  Theshow runs through August 1.

Back in September,the Museum of Natureand Science unveiled an impressive Thom Mayne design for their new Victory Park home.  Since then, they had a celebratory (albeitsymbolic) ground-breaking.  But soon, thedirt really WILL start to fly.  Just acouple of weeks ago, Museumofficials gave Balfour Beatty Construction the go sign.

And finally…wecan’t pretend to understand the in’s and out’s of Google, but this item onLouis Kahn’s design for the Roosevelt Memorial in New York is one of the mostvisited pages on our website.  So, in theinterest of driving traffic, here’sa follow-up. Ground has been broken; if the remaining finds can be raised,completion is only two years away.

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