Wednesday News Roundup: The Ground Zero Edition

Is there a more complicated development than the former World Trade Center site in New York?  Funding issues, criss-crossing infrastructure and a site crackling with symbolism and sensitive feelings adds up to some real drama...

First up, a simple progress update.  Back at the end of March, The Architect’s Newspaper had this report thatthe 9/11 Memorial pools were almost completely framed. It will  be interesting to see how everyone reacts tothe finished project.  The Memorial isafter all the most “emotional” piece fo the project.

That’s not to say that emotions and/or politics don’tpervade the whole kit and caboodle.  New York magazine’s Christopher Bonanos has an insightful piecein the May 24 issue that outlines the fact that, even after those politicsare (somewhat) dealt with, the construction demands may be even worse.

Dramatic enough for you? Sound ripe for a television reality show?  You’re not the only one who thinks so…StevenSpielberg is filming for a special scheduled to air on the Science Channelin September 2011—the 10th anniversary of the attacks that felledthe Twin Towers.

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