To Develop or Not to Develop...

It’s not easy developing (or-redeveloping) a neighborhood.  Residents have their own strong and diverseopinions about what they need. Decisions have to be made on what to keep andwhat to rebuild.  Thankfully, we all seemto paying more attention to the environmental impact of what we do.  And ultimately, the project has to beeconomically viable.  So let’s look atsome stories from a cross the country…and right here at home…about howarchitects and communities are working together to make their neighborhoodsbetter places to be.

First, news from the homefront.  Everyone anticipates that the Calatrava-designed MargaretHunt HillBridge across the Trinity River willbring a needed jolt to West Dallasneighborhoods.  Here’sThe Dallas Morning News’ story onhow the newly-created Dallas CityDesign Studio, helmed by AIA Dallas member BrentBrown, is already in the mix.

Still on our turf…you know the parking lots behind Dallas’ City Hall? Did youknow that the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation has big/greenplans for the site?  Architectural Record has thestory.

We mentioned Sr. Calatrava in the item above.  His planned Chicago Spire is the subject ofthis news item.  It seems that theeconomy has turned sour enough that the only thing the Windy Cityhas to show for the project is a big hole.  The Chicago Architectural Club has asked thequestion “What can we do with it?”  It’san interesting development quandary.  Here’sBlair Kamin’s coverage.

And here are a couple of stories on a novel approach thatsome West Coasters have taken to preventdevelopers from altering an iconic postcard view we’re all familiar with.  The NewYork Times has some background,and Fast Company has somegreat pics as well.


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