The Park Has Arrived!

The Park Has Arrived!

We had a wonderful special delivery here at the Dallas Center for Architecture yesterday—an almost eight-foot-long model of the Woodall Rodgers deck park.  It will live here for the foreseeable future and is a great way to see what our new front lawn will look like when completed next year.  It also gives us an excuse to post some other park-related news stories from hither and yon.

Looking forward, a city known for its freeways is looking to cover some of them over with new greenspace.  The Los Angeles effort, especially what’s operating under the code name Park 101, hopes to unify some of the City of Angels’ best landmarks.

Hopefully, they’ve learned a lesson from Boston.  While The Big Dig has supposedly helped traffic, the Rose Kennedy Greenway on top has hit a few speedbumps of its own.

Another in a series of planned cultural institutions or the park (this time, an $80 million Daniel Liebeskind project) has fallen victim to the economy. The Architect’s Newspaper takes a look.

And the city of Trento, Italy has turned things on their head…reclaiming the tunnel itself and turning a couple of them into a museum.  Again, The Architect’s Newspaper has the story.  (Have you noticed they’re one of our favorites?  Link here and make them one of yours.)

And visit another one of our favorites often for updates on our very own Dallas project.  Their live webcam keeps you up to date…

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