The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

Let’s live vicariously today.  I’m pretending that rather than being here insteamy Dallas,I am “abroad.” Spending a week or two cruising across Europe.

First stop…Barcelona.  We were transfixed recently here at theCenter when we screened a beautiful documentary on the works on Antonio Gaudi,including his still under-construction masterpiece La Sagrada Familia.  Here’san article on a perceived threat to its stability.  Will a high-speed rail tunnel planned forconstruction just meters away from the cathedral undermine its stability?

Let’s jump to Italyfor astory on one of Europe’s most-storied bridges.  The Ponte Vecchio has been steadily alteredsince its construction in 1345 and offers a great lens on the evolvingarchitecture of this wonderfully old city.

Germanyis the site of a bit of an architectural debate.  UNESCO has been petitioned to turn Nazi rallygrounds at Nuremberg into a world heritage site; Nazi architect Albert Speer’sson calls it “a weird idea.”  Here’sthe scoop.

Our final stop might as well be the embarkation point for somany of our ancestors.  In Antwerp, Belgium,the warehouses of the Red Star Line will be renovated and turned into a museum. The buildings were the starting pointfor more than 2 million passengers destined for Ellis Island and the United States.  Bonvoyage.

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