Progress on the Perot Museum of Nature and Science...

Progress on the Perot Museum of Nature and Science...

We had the opportunity to stop by a Media Open House for theunder construction Perot Museum of Nature and Science this afternoon.  There is great progress being made on the ThomMayne-designed building, and you’ll have the chance to see things for yourselfthis weekend.

The photo to the left shows things as they stand right now.  Big hole with concrete and steel starting toemerge.  In today’s Dallas Morning News,Scott Cantrell talksa bit about the finished project.

News comes from the fundraisers that there is still $50 millionneeded to fund the project.  You’ll have thechance to get inspired and pitch in yourself at this Saturday’s Community Open House. It will be held Saturday, August 28 from1-3 p.m. at the Museum’s Construction Center, located at 1155 Broom Street.  Visitors are invited to view the buildingmodel, the schematic renderings of the facility and exhibit halls, and theconstruction site from the Observation Deck.  The model itself is worth a visits…go check itout!

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