Preserving an Architectural Legacy...

We’re feeling nostalgic today for some reason, so let’s talka bit about architectural legacy…not just buildings, but the plans, models,correspondence and back-of-the-napkin drawings that are created in the designprocess.  How do we preserve it?  What’s important to keep?  Come on in for the discussion.

Here at the Dallas Center for Architecture,we have begun discussing our responsibility and role in this process.  How can we help preserve the work of thearchitects who have made Dallaswhat it is?  Goodness know it isresource-intensive—not just in terms of money, but also labor and space.

Apparently, we’re in good company in struggling with theseconcerns.  Here’san article about Yale University, no less…andthe challenges it faces in preserving the legacy of its faculty and alumni.

And, of course, buildings are the ultimate legacy.  Challenges abound there as well—even for anicon like Philip Johnson’s Glass House.  Here’smore on the need for funds to preserve building that are a part of thathistoric campus.

The grand finale?  Anitem on the newly burnished Belasco Theatre in the Big Apple.  An example of an artistic and architecturallandmark preserved in the best way.  That’ssomething we can celebrate…

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