Musings from Near and Far...

Lots of great posting to come in the next couple of weeks.  This week's conference of the Association of Architecture Organizations brought folks together from around the world to share best practices and inspirations.  So stay tuned for some of the great information we gathered.  In the meantime, here are a few news links from hither and yon...

Dan Wood was a recent Dallas Architecture Forumspeaker.  Here’san article where he discusses some of his recent projects, with a focus ondesign, food and cities.

What the what?  Acenterpiece of the new CityCenter complex in Vegas might be imploded.  The Foster + Partners-designed hotel has someserious performance issues thanks to construction problems.  Hereare the latest gory details.

And here’san interesting story on how “a couple of vodkas” led to Frank Gehry’sinvolvement with a historic Chicagobuilding.

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