More on the Architecture of Arts Centers

More on the Architecture of Arts Centers

We already miss having the models of the Meyerson, Winspear,Wyly et al hanging around here at the Center…even though our exhibition justclosed a couple of weeks ago.  So, we’regetting our fix online checking out stories on two big arts centers in the BigApple.  Lincoln Centeris getting a new theater on the rooftop of Eero Saarinen’s Vivian BeaumontTheater.  And the Arts Centerat Ground Zero has finally gotten the go-ahead.  Oh, and there’s a way for you to celebrate ourown AT&T Performing Arts Center.


When you take ourwalking tour of the Dallas Arts District, we discuss that the fact that ittook 30 years to “finish” the Districts’ cultural buildings is not necessarilya bad thing.  Otherwise, all thebuildings would have been built at one time—the “Lincoln Centereffect.”  Almost 50 years after its construction,Lincoln Center is undergoing some prettyextensive renovation.  Including a newtheatre on the rooftop of the Vivian Beaumont Theater, designed by EeroSaarinen.  Hugh Hardy, who worked on theoriginal project is designing it.  The New York Times has thestory, including the opposition that the addition has faced.


Meanwhile, further downtown, word comesthat construction on the Frank Gehry-designed arts center at Ground Zero willbegin next quarter.  However, thanks tothe complexities of the site, he project won’t be finished for years.  And some cynics don’t think it will ever bebuilt.


Thankfully, our arts center is up and running and garneringpositive press from around the world.  Keepthe momentum going.  Go hereand vote for the Wyly or the Winspear as ArchDaily’s Cultural Buildingof the Year.

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