More Arts District Discussion....

More Arts District Discussion....

Even a year and a half after the AT&T Performing ArtsCenter opened, our Dallas Arts District is still getting plenty of ink (orwhatever the Web equivalent is) these days.  Chicago Tribune architecture critic BlairKamin is the latest to chime in.  (He did his research when in town recently for a Dallas ArchitectureForum lecture.)

Kaminsays what most of us realize…and what we mention on our Saturdaywalking tours…the Arts District, even after 30 years, remains a work inprogress.  We have the big culturalbuildings, but need the other things that would keep people in the Districtafter a performance or museum visit.  Oreven better…a reason to visit on its own. Bookstore, coffee shop, deli, anything encourages community and hangingout. He sees positive development with the park over Woodall Rodgers…which wefondly refer to as our front lawn.  (Andwe’ll give him credit for the catchy “architectural petting zoo” moniker.)

Kamin’s comments have generated interesting responses andcomparisons beyond the e-mail and water cooler chatter that some of us haveengaged in over the last couple of days. This articlefrom takes Kamin’s suggestions and extends them to the area in Abu Dhabi where thelatest Gehry museum has been constructed.

And, giving local folks equal time, theblogger over at Quadrille takes an optimistic tone…we’re working on it.

We’re with you, Quadrille. How about the rest of you?  Whatdo you want to see…beyond the Park…to make the Arts District a more vitalgathering place?  Come tell us on our Twitter feed or our Facebook page.

UPDATE: There's more Dallas response in this TV story.

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