MId-Week=Mid-Century Modernism

As we reach the middle of the week (bye-bye, Hermine!), howabout some talk of architecture from the middle of the last century? 

Thisstory from the LA Times almostfeels like a mish-mash of two stories we deal with here in Dallas on a regular basis…the current vacantstatus of the Staler Hilton Hotel and the DISD’s seeming inability to figureout what to do with its historic campuses.  Any lessons to be learned from the adaptivereuse of the Ambassador Hotel.

Let’s stay out west for The Architect’sNewspaper’s review of a new tome by Thomas Hines on the modern movement insouthern California. We’ve added it to our Amazon wishlist.  Anyone want to buy it for the DCFAresource library?

And we head east to Chicagofor thisremembrance of architect Harry Weese.  Among other 20th century icons, hedesigned the stations for the DC Metro system.

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