Mid-Week News Round-Up

Mid-Week News Round-Up

It's time for another installment of news you can use...or at least news you architecture buffs might find interesting.  None of our items this week are "breaking," but all are things we wanted to make sure you knew about.  From new art at a modern temple to sports and new design in one of Dallas' newest neighborhoods to the "greening" of a local VA hospital...

The New York Times got the first tour, but The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Observer have also had the chance to see the contemporary art installations that the Jerry Jones family has included in the new Cowboys Stadium. We're all for it... here are a few photos at Unfair Park.  

The House, the latest addition to the Victory Park skyline, is now open for business.  We haven't checked out the Hard Rock Cafe yet. (And that burger might be hard to swallow if you reminisce about its former location, the now-demolished 1910 McKinney Avenue Baptist Church.)  Anyway...Candy Evans over at Daily Dirt has some photos of your potential new pad.

And, finally, while everyone seems to be seeing red over the potential for health care reform, one of North Texas' largest health-care providers, the VA's Dallas Medical Center is going green.  The Center has completed the largest solar PV installation in Texas.  It's expected to save the hospital more than $62,000 a year in energy costs.  Energy Current has the full story and a photo here.

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