September 21, 9414

Mid-Century Modern Musings

Mid-Century Modern Musings

Maybe it's our new addiction to the AMC series Mad Men...but we're feeling the mid-century Modern vibe today.  And it seems timely.  Here are a few news items...from Florida, California, and right here in Dallas.

First off, an article from Sarasota, Florida on an exhibition travelling the United States.  (We'll have to investigate getting it here to DCFA!)  The exhibtion, presented as five case studies, wonders if we don't place too much emphasis on the architectural value of a building from the 1950's and 60's rather than stressing its cultural significance as well.  Do we really, as Lewis Mumford once said, reject our fathers and embrace our grandfathers? 

In Los Angeles, the Getty Research Center celebrates a treasure trove of mid-century Modern ephemera.  Included are photographs by the late Julius Shulman, subject of a documentary to be screened by the Dallas Architecture Forum as they kick off their 2009-2010 Lecture Series.

And we save the best for last...even here at home, the debate is strong over this style of architecture.  In the "Disney" streets in Dallas, the conflict between preservation and property rights is coming to a head.  The Dallas Morning News has the story.


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