Let's Start the Week Off Wright....

Sorry for the pun, but we're hopped up on sugar from our Easter baskets.  This Monday edition focuses on a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright items.

Dallas has a couple of Wright buildings of note.  The 50 year old Kalita Humphreys Theatre is his only free-standing theatre design ever to be executed.  And the Gillon House, completed in 1958, known for its appearance in the film Bottle Rocket.  But while we have the Higginbotham Residence on Swiss Avenue, designed by a former Wright architect, we don't have one of his Prairie-Style homes here in our fair city.  But Kankanee, Illinois does.

Balir Kamin has the story of what might be Wright's first Prairie-Style home.  While it's missing its desk (Barbra Streisand bought it years ago), the structure has been restored and now awaits its fate as a house museum and arts education center.

And if you need your Wright fix and can get up to the Windy City, on May 15, you'll have the chance to go into Wright-designed houses not usually open to the public.  Let us know if you're planning to go.  We'll stow away in your suitcase...

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