It's a Green Monday!

The world of architecture continues to pay more and more attention to sustainability and "greenness." Here in Dallas, the conversation is particularly timely as a new ordinance mandating increased water and energy efficiency goes into effect on October 1.  And USGBC, the organization that monitors LEED certifications, is embarking on a new initiative to ascertain if green buildings are measuring up to their promise.  Here's a round-up of news on green architecture for your Monday. 

First up, a story on a broad new initiative begun by the U.S. Green Buildings Council to collect data on all LEED-certified buildings and their ongoing energy usage.  They want to see if designs are actually delivering the savings that were intended.  Click here to read more. The New York Times also has a story.

And what's the difference between being environmentally sensitive and common sense?  It seems planners are having to look at cost-benefit issues more and more in this economy.  In this article, the conflict between long-term efficiencies and short-term cost savings is examined., those aren't giant flyswatters. They're a proposed way to absorb carbon emissions.  Read about (and see) them here.

While you're at it, visit our friends at the North Texas chapter of USGBC and see all the great work that they are doing. 

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