In Eco-Architecture News....

This fine Monday, let’s look at some eco-friendly architecture stories.  

First, the good news.  It seems Irving schools are trying to become greener.  The Irving ISD has adopting a “net zero” model for a new energy –efficient middle school. With the planned inclusion f solar panels and wind turbines, the school could open as early as the fall of 2011. 

And it looks like Austin will soon have its own ZeroHouse.

Meanwhile, some are suggesting that in addition to making our buildings eco-friendly, we better also adapt our buildings to the inevitability of climate change. This story outlines some of those ideas, including designing for drought and more sever weather conditions.

And architects in the Big Apple are planning for the worst.  Here’s an article that outlines ideas that folks have for the waterfront if sea levels rise two feet or more as some folks have predicted.  

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