Conrad Hilton and the Dallas Connection

You might already have seen these stories from over the weekend, but they merit reposting.  First, good news in the ongoing saga of the Statler Hilton.  Then, interesting tidbits about Conrad Hilton's Big D connections.

Here's the story on the hope for the Statler.  A darling with the architecture set here in Dallas, ongoing challenges such as asbestos and eight-foot ceilings are always cited as soon as someone starts talking about redevelopment.  This story, from a weekend edition of The Dallas Morning News, reports that a shift in ownership and a new development initiative has generated some new progress.  The city now expects to see redevelopment plans of some sort in early 2010.

And DMN's Alan Peppard provides some interesting Conrad Hilton factoids.  Turns out "Connie" (as Don Draper would address him) was married here in town at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and then, after his 1979 death in California, brought back to town for burial at Calvary Hill Cemetery.  Scroll past the first two entries in this column for the details.

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