Friday Fun: The Architecture of the Olympics

Friday Fun: The Architecture of the Olympics

Yesterday was the snowiest day in Dallashistory.  So this week’s Friday Funshould take on a winter mood, no?  TheOpening Ceremonies are tonight, so let’s take a look at the architecture of theVancouver Winter Olympics. (Cue trumpets here…)

First up, Christopher Hume takes on the pavilion that theCanadian government has up for the Olympics. It’s supposed to be an opportunity for the nation to show off, but Humesays it’s “an ugly pre-fab dud.”

Brent Toderian is the planning director for Vancouver.  Here’s aninterview with him “about how the city, known for progressive planning andgreen thinking, (is) meeting the Olympic challenge.” For example, how does anewly-constructed Olympic Village become a vital part of the city?

And The Vancouver Sun hasdetailson the Olympic Village and the many elements that has the complex aimingfor its old gold medal…LEED Gold status.

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