Friday Fun: Food and Architecture

Friday Fun: Food and Architecture

This time of year has everyone talking about the pounds theyresolve to shed and the healthy eating they intend to do.  Well, talking about these kinds of thingsjust makes us MORE hungry.  So this week’sFriday Fun is all about food. Snack-inspired buildings.  Andsandwiches in the sky as a part of the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

While we probably wouldn’t touch one today, Funyuns were awonderful treat that was always a part of the field trip brown bag lunch.  Is it possible they inspire the work of award-winningarchitect Zaha Hadid? Fast Company hasafun analysis of Hadid’s works vis a vis…um….chips.

And I’m sure we’re all glad to see work continuing at GroundZero.  When Freedom Toweris completed, it will rise 1,776 feet. But right now, perhaps its most interesting feature is its already “complete”restaurant.  Here’swhat The New York Times has to sayabout a sandwich shop which will ascend right along with the constructionworkers.

After all that, we’re off to hit the vending machines…

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