Friday Fun: Animation and More Animation

Sorry to have been so remiss about blogging this week.  Simply too much going on…planning, planning, planning for the first half of 2010 and all the events and activities that DCFA will be bringing to you.  Exhibitions.  Films.  Scholarships. And so much more. 

We’ll make it up to you next week with lots of newsy info.  

In the meantime, we DO have a little Friday Fun.  Technology, of course, impacts us all in far-reaching ways every day.  And it has changed the architectural profession as well.  Here’s an interesting article on how animation has affected the design and marketing of architecture.  Kind of appropriate in an Avatar-tinged world, huh?

And to take things one step further, here’s a short film that one of our architectural photographer friends sent our way.  The Third and the Seventh uses 3-d rendering to delve into some architectural masterpieces, including work by Mies and Louis Kahn.  Enjoy!

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