Frank Gehry in the Spotlight

In preparation for ourscreening tonight of the wonderful documentary Sketches of Frank Gehry, here are a few Gehry-focused stories.

One of the most powerful things about the film is that itwas directed by Gehry’s good friend, the late film director Sidney Pollack.  As a result, it is far more intimate thansimilar projects.  (Gehry’s therapist isone of the interviewees, for goodness’ sake.) Thisinterview by Maria Giulia Zunino has a similar intimacy.

Thos of you keeping up with the kerfluffles surrounding thereconstruction efforts at New York’sGround Zero know that the originally planned Gehry-designed arts center is nolonger a part of the plan.  However,Signature Theater is still getting a Gehry building.  The NewYork Times has thestory.

The Washington Post hasanarticle on Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial.  It’s in a different vein than his normalcurvilinear style.

And hereand hereare accounts of a talk Gehry gave last week in Chicago.  Seems he’s not a fan of greenarchitecture.  Bold talk from a boldarchitect.  Come to the film tonight andhear more of the same.

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