DCFA Supports UTA SEED Program

DCFA Supports UTA SEED Program

In addition to our own public educational programs on architecture and design, the Dallas Center for Architecture Foundation supports partnerships and collaborations with otherorganizations by making grants.  Thisyear, the Foundation continued its strong relationship with the UTA School of Architectureand its SEED program.  Last Friday, thestudents presented their work.

The week-long program gives high school students theopportunity to explore architecture from a variety of angles.  They draw, make models and createinstallations—all the while discussing space and process and construction methods.  This year, the student used cardboard boxesin a variety of projects.  Walls werebuilt to define space… both inside and outdoors.  Large sculptural pieces were suspended from theceiling of the architecture building.

It was great to see these young people connecting with theenvironment around them and learning how they could affect it through their owndesign work.  They discussed the processthey used to get to the final projects and were candid about the challenges(even as one wall outside blew down repeatedly in the strong afternoon winds).  We have more photos of the final projects onour Flickr feed here.

DCFA is pleased to support this program, and we will continueto develop additional partnerships and our own K-12 programs in the yearahead.  After all, if we can trainyounger people to appreciate the design and architecture around them and how itaffects their everyday lives, we are doing much to meet our mission of advancingarchitecture through education and collaboration.

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