Dallas Residences in the News

How about a little residential architecture to end the week/start the weekend?

First up—in the “is it or isn’t it?” file—is thereport that the former H.L. Hunt estate on White Rock Lakeis for sale.  And thereport that it isn’t. It would be great if it were…if just to go to theopen house (yeah, right) and gawk at one of the most recognizable residences intown.  (By the way, you do know where theother (albeit much smaller) Mt. Vernon replica is in town, right?)

On a more modest scale, thismid-century Modern gem in the same White Rock vicinity is up for sale.  Dallas Dirt’s Candace Evans has a niceintroduction to the wonders that are Ju-Nel homes…and that gives us anopportunity to put in a shameless plug for our collaboration with the brilliantWhite Rock Home Tour.  On April 23, we’ll hold a speaker’s panel andreception kicking off an exhibitionexamining Ju-Nel Homes.  Theexhibition will feature original blueprints, personal effects of the architectsand even furniture and decorative arts from the period.  You won’t want to miss it.

Back on the high-end, TheNew York Times has alovely article (with GORGEOUS photos) of the Philip Johnson-designed BeckHouse. The current owners have done a glorious job restoring the home; if youever have the opportunity to visit it, jump at the chance.

Meanwhile, for the chance to visit some other interestinghomes, make sure and check out this weekend’s ParkCities Home Tour.  We’ll see youthere! 

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