September 23, 4932

Cool Websites to Check Out...

We'll admit it...a lot of the newsy items we post here are gleaned from other sources. (What DID we do before Google and Wikipedia?!?) While we won't share all our secrets, here are some web addresses worth checking out. (Thanks to Chris Grossnicklaus, Assoc. AIA, for some of the ideas.  Check out his regular "Webwise" feature in Columns, the AIA Dallas magazine.)

The first two are sites associated with AIA, the American Society of Architects.

The Shape of America ( features American architectural icons (like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building) with short videos including architects' opinions and insights.  You can get in on the discussion by adding your own commentary.

Architectural Record ( is the online version of AIA's monthly magazine.  It includes news, including great information on the industry, and interactive features.  Right now, a photo contest features our very own Statler Hilton.

A Daily Dose of Architecture ( provides images and commentary on buildings, installations and art fomr across the globe.  Check out the August 11 entry for some gorgeous photos of Zaha Hadid's Burnham Pavilion in Chicago.

Preservation Nation ( And, of course, the National Trust for Historic Preservation's site is always good for news and information.

Send YOUR favorite architectural websites to us at and we'll include some of them in a future posting.

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