September 22, 2913

Beyond the Arts District: The Future of Downtown Dallas

Beyond the Arts District: The Future of Downtown Dallas

Even as we celebrate the opening of our grand new performing arts center, people are already looking to the next chapter.  What additional development is needed to make the Arts District a place for more than just concerts and plays?  And what does that mean for the rest of downtown?

A discussion that has already begun here around the Arts District is how to make the neighborhood a place that will cause museum visitors, concert goers and theater audiences to come early and then stick around after their planned event.  Much was made in remarks at Monday's dedication ceremony for the AT&T Performing Arts Center of Sammons Park as aplace for families to picnic and children to play.  But what other draws are there? Yes, there are restaurants at One Arts Plaza, but it's pretty clear that additional retail development is necessary.  The Dallas Business Journal has taken a detailed look at some of the projects that are in the pipeline.

And the discussion spills over to the rest of downtown as well. The vision for the Arts District and its blend of residential, retail and cultural facilities is one that could (and should) extend through all of downtown's districts.  The folks at DOWNTOWNDallas, along with city staffers, have launched DowntownDallas 360, a process that will look at strategies for the continued revitalization of downtown.  DOWNTOWNDallas has a report on this week's community forum on their blog, listing some of the topics discussed.  Follow along and be a part of the discussion.  In the meantime, the great website Renegade Bus has a list of things they'd like to see.

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