Architecture Happenings in the Big Apple

Architecture Happenings in the Big Apple

Let’s take the opportunity today to take a short virtualtrip to New Yorkand some architecture news from the Big Apple.  An old building gets a makeover and a plannedcomplex of buildings gets mired in politics. And, along with the Empire State Building, a big glass cube is one of NYC's most-photographed sites.

City Center, originally the Shriner’s Temple,is a wonderful neo-Moorish building that now houses some of America’s mostprominent dance companies.  It willundergo a $75 million facelift, with improved sightlines and restored mosaics, ceilingsand plasterwork detailing. The New York Timeshas moreinfo.

And, unfortunately, politics have proven to be an obstaclein redevelopment efforts at the former World Trade Center site. NPR interviews Paul Godberger who has writtena book on the quagmire.  Here arethe messy details.

What are the most photographed site in New York City?  I think most of us would guess the Empire State Building and Times Square.  And we'd be right.  But how many would predict Apple's Fifth Avenue Store?  Here's the story.

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