All the Wright Stuff

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an all-Wright item.  (See what we did there?!?) So let’s get afterit.  Of course, our very own KalitaHumphries Theater turned 50 in 2009.  Twoof the building’s contemporaries—the Guggenheim in new York and Philadelphia’sBeth Sholom Synagogue—are also celebrating their golden anniversary.  Here are some updates.

Beth Sholom Synagogue—which was featured in Sacred Spaces, screened here at the Centerlast year—celebrated its birthday with the opening of a visitor’s center and afundraising campaign to fund some necessary repairs and renovations. (If youguessed that the roof leaks, you’d be right.) Here’smore on what Wright stressed was “an Americansynagogue.”

The Guggenheim has had an event-packed anniversary year,including a retrospective of Wright’s work. For its latest exhibition, the Guggenheim invited more than 200architects, designers and artists to redesign the space.  Calling the spiral rotunda the “greatest bellybutton in modern architecture,” NewYork Times critic Roberta Smith reports on “somenavel gazing.” Venerable WallStreet Journal architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable examinesthe same show through the lens of the seeming conflict between art and thespaces we exhibit them in.  (By the way,if any of the designs tickle your fancy, you can bid on them here.)

And, finally, ashow that makes the Guggenheim into a theater of the everyday rather thanan exhibition space.  Perhaps it’s the mostinteresting idea of all?

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