A Fiesta for Frank Gehry in Miami

A Fiesta for Frank Gehry in Miami

Frank Gehry is one of few architects in the world withenough clout to design a building and, when it opens, get a review in everymajor newspaper and architecture publication in the free world.  His New World Symphony in Miami is open…and who are we to miss theparty?

For orientation purposes, let’s start with’sdescription and photos of the building’s curtain and projection walls.

Now on to the critics:

The New York Times’ NicolaiOurousoff says that the building “spills over with populist ideas, sometimesto the point of distraction.”

The LA Times’ ChristopherHawthorne writes that “This place toys with first impressions.”

Miamilocal critic BethDunlop compares the building to a window that sings on the inside.

The Washington Post’s PhilipKennicott says that the building is a manifestation of the need to turn theconcert hall inside out.

And, to close things out, here’s a bit more from TheWall Street Journal and FastCompany chimes in on the building’s gardens.

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