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At DCFA, we work to encourage the conversation about why architecture matters to YOU. We seek to foster the public's understanding of the power of architecture to enrich our city and our lives through this online resource as well as the programs, exhibits and tours that the Center presents. You can make a difference...come join us!


April 14, 2016
DCFA Launches #DCFAmycity Project
The Dallas Center for Architecture is proud and honored to have been selected as one of 50 non-profit organizations to receive a grant from NorthPark as part of their 50th anniversary 50 Days of Giving program. Through their generosity, DCFA launched the #DCFAmycity Photography Project.

Featured Event

September 27, 2016
The Public Realm and Community Health
Connections are key. The connections between successful parks, streetscapes, and open spaces are a vital ingredient in creating a healthy and vibrant city. In an age of so-called “Nature Deficit Disorder” and far too many technological distractions, people crave spaces that provide time to decompress and socialize. In turn, comfortable places within the public realm attract crowds seeking connection and interaction. The success of these spaces creates tangible social, environmental, and economic impacts on our communities. Our panel will discuss these impacts and provide examples from across the country of successes and near-misses in the creation of these needed amenities.

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